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Maxis or DiGi

Some existing mobile telecommunications provider in the neighbor country, Malaysia include Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, etc.. Since my arrival to Malaysia, my loyal Maxis prepaid card, because the network including extensive and most importantly, a strong signal in the place I was pretty reliable than DiGi. Several friends who also using Celcom is also quite good.

A few weeks back, a bit problematic in addition to signal Maxis SMS are often not delivered, especially to Indonesia. On a different way, DiGi build new base stations are located near my area to enhance the signal. Finally, with very heavy heart I leave Maxis with the following reasons:

  • DiGi proved much stronger signal in my place of domicile to receive the effects of smooth communication
  • For DiGi, its unlimited mobile Internet package is cheaper without quota restrictions. Maxis excels in the diversity of packages offered, such as a subscription-hour, one day with 5 MB of quota, etc., weekly and monthly. While DiGi offers only daily package, weekly and monthly.

Two main reasons for the above is what made ​​me finally switch to a provider DiGi. Hopefully durable ..: D

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