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Plurk Widget on WordPress

Not like that self-hosting wordpress blog or paid, free wordpress not capable of displaying plurk widget by copy and paste the HTML code embedded antecedent generated from your plurk account. If you are blogging using blogspot hosting, and even then very easy to display a timeline of your Plurk status simply by pressing a button will be linking directly to a blogspot. You can just enter a user name and password.

For the free wordpress, how to copy and paste the HTML code generated from your user account can not be done. The simplest way is by doing copy and paste the HTML code image plurk. But unfortunately, this is not capable of displaying status plurk timeline. So it is only a visual image, which when clicked will link to your Plurk account. If you want to display status updates from the Plurk, you can use RSS feeds in wordpress widget with the following steps:

  1. Find RSS feeds for your plurk account. Usually by adding “. Xml” on the profile site. Example: http://www.plurk.com/nasrullaharmi be http://www.plurk.com/nasrullaharmi.xml
  2. Open the wordpress account, click on the widget, and move the RSS widget to the sidebar as desired.
  3. Edit by incorporating RSS feeds from plurk profile, such as http://www.plurk.com/nasrullaharmi.xml
  4. Set the display according to your desired option by checking the displayed
  5. Completed

Text-only view of the current update statuses plurk.

Good luck

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