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Think outside the box

A few days ago when I was praying in a mosque campus, I was glued to a post on one’s clothes, that is thinking outside the box. Sentences that are so simple but it contains a very deep meaning. Thinking outside the box or thinking out of the box literally think outside the box beyond the limits specified. In wikipedia this sentence be interpreted as follows:

“To think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. Often this phrase refers to the novel or creative thinking ”

If I may add, do not just think outside the boundaries and customs of the people, but also followed by concrete actions that not everyone can afford to do it. In the scope of research fields, for example, a researcher is required to think critically of previous studies to find something new that other people have never done before. Thinking outside the limits of the ability of people in general to produce good work if not phenomenal.

A few days ago I read a friend’s FB status that the President of Indonesia tend to be reactive and act quickly when issues arise with regard to himself. But otherwise very slow in responding to issues that do not tie him directly. Of course he did, because the president also human, just like we as a people. But when he was supposed to be the number one in Indonesia, he should no longer regarded as human beings. He is required to think and act outside the habits of the people in general. His name was ruler, he certainly has the privilege of being selected by some of the people of Indonesia. It is appropriate for people demanding his thinking and acting outside the box.

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