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Educated Scavengers

Just a flashback story a few years back when I took advanced studies in Japan. Before deployed in several universities according to their choice, or chosen by the scholarship, we are all included intensive Japanese language course for 6 months in International Student Institute (Kokusai Gakuyuukai Nihongo Gakko) area Shinjuku, Tokyo. It’s quite easy to adapt to our environment, culture, and everything new. Feelings of loneliness in the land of people by itself eroded, because of togetherness that exists and has the same fate.

Before we left for Japan, some friends there who consulted on the Indonesian students who are already settled there on tips on pre-departure and after arrival in Japan. Thank God they give it in detail, so that the preparation of each of us is good enough. One tip is quite laughable when it arrived in Japan, after the Shubuh prayers, go around, because usually the Japanese always throw things that are not used at night, either electronic equipment, completeness of cooking, shoes, and others. If you are lucky, we can get items that are very suitable to be used: D

These tips are not just a figment, because some times my friends find items suitable to be used and in good condition, such as radio, television, video, and others. Not bad, without having to spend money, we get the goods as required. I personally also follow these tips. šŸ™‚ In the aforementioned shoes, TV, radio still very good and worthy life I have found. Although secondhand goods being sold again in Japan is relatively cheap, but finding free product like this has caused a sensation ecstatic: D. There is a ridiculous comment among our Indonesian students in Japan that the PPI stands for Persatuan Pemulung Indonesia (Scavengers Association of Indonesian) : D since after Shubuh Prayers scavenged items as needed

I was in Japan between the span of years 2001 to 2004. It was this habit is still going on. I do not know whether this scavenging activity still exists or not :).

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